Terrorist organizations shut down gas line feeding power stations in the southern region


Damascus, SANA_ Terrorists on Sunday shut down the valve of the gas line in Jeiroud area in Damascus Countryside which supplies the power plants in the southern region with the gas required to operate them.

In a statement to SANA, Director of Electricity General Company of Damascus Countryside Khaldoun Heddeh said that the terrorist organizations shut down the valve of the gas line that feeds al-Nasseriye, Tishreen and Deir Ali power stations, causing the power plants to go out of service.

The closure of the gas line drove the generating turbines and about 300 megawatt in al-Nasseriye station get out of service. As a result, the rationing hours of electricity will increase in the southern region.

Last July, the terrorist organizations attacked the gas line in Jeiroud area and shut down the valve feeding the power stations in the southern region.





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