General Federation of Trade Unions council discusses state of public-sector companies

Damascus, SANA – Members of the General Federation of Trade Unions’ General Council discussed on Monday the state of public-sector companies and establishment in terms of production, union work, and plans.

At the closing meeting of the Council’s 18th session, which was attended by Prime Minister- designate Wael al-Halaqi, the members discussed a number of issues pertaining to services, industry, agriculture, economy, and labor, particularly issues that help strengthen national economy and the public sector.

Discussions focused on the construction sector, providing the needs for the textiles sector, workers’ housing, harbors, healthcare, combating corruption, curbing tax evasion, monitoring market prices, and employing the proper standards for selecting individuals for administrative posts.

Chairman of the General Federation of Trade Unions Shaaban Azouz said that the main priority at this stage is combating corruption, while caretaker Water Resources Minister Bassam Hanna reviewed the difficulties facing the water sector due to drought and terrorist attacks.

For his part, Dr. al-Halqi said the will-be government is expected to work hard and meet aspirations of the citizens in the framework of partnership among national institutions.


“The new government will set off from administrating the crisis file to resume reconstruction after the achievements of the Army and restoration of security and stability in many areas,” al-Halqi added.

He affirmed that the government has offered nearly 25 billion SYP this year to compensate the affected people, as it also offers the humanitarian and relief aid to more than 6 million citizens.


Caretaker Industry Minister Kamal Eddin Taameh said the Ministry is working to repair facilities damaged by terrorism so that they can resume production, asserting that there are no plans to liquidate any existing public-sector company or establishment.

In turn, caretaker Public Works Minister Hussein Arnous reviewed efforts to develop the construction sector due to its importance in the reconstruction process, while caretaker Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Samir Qadi Amin said that his Ministry is working to monitor market prices and taking steps to enforce them according to laws and regulations.


Caretaker Labor Minister Hassan Hijazi said that there are amendments to existing laws that are currently being prepared, which will help protect all parties’ rights in the labor sector, noting that the amendments to the state workers law are finished.


For his part, caretaker Health Minister Saad al-Nayef said that the health sector in Syria is stable, and that the Ministry is working hard to provide medicine, supplies and equipment to hospitals and health center.

H. Sabbagh/ Mazen

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