Cabinet approves urban planning principle for provinces

Damascus, SANA – In its weekly session chaired by Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Tuesday, the Cabinet tasked the Justice Ministry with activating the work of customs, banking, and insurance courts and providing them with facilitations to collect due funds and defaulted loans.

The Cabinet approved a bill on amending an article of the law for academic exchange studies related to expenses, and approved the urban planning principle in each province which sets up infrastructure for lands allocated for construction projects, and which stipulates for involving financial and banking establishments in funding these projects.

The Cabinet also approved a draft resolution on the financial and contractual guidelines of joint holding companies, and a bill on transferring nurses into new vacant positions with a better work class.

The Cabinet tasked the Agriculture Ministry with starting a forestation campaign in areas that suffered from fires or arbitrary logging and with finding a mechanism to purchase cattle for breeding purposes.

For his part, Public Works and Housing Minister Hussein Arnous briefed the Cabinet on the state of the housing sector and the achievements made in it, in addition to the requirements for developing it.

Hazem Sabbagh


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