People’s Assembly discusses performance of Public Works and Housing Ministry

Damascus, SANA-The People’s Assembly, chaired by Speaker Hadyiah Abbas, discussed on Thursday the performance of Public Works and Housing Ministry and issues related to its work.

The MPs called, in their inquiries, for promoting the ministry’s work to meet the citizens’ needs, finding practical solutions for housing problems, supporting the youth housing cooperation sector, resuming the residing loans by the Real Estate Bank and allowing the private banks to offer loans for the housing cooperative associations to resume their work.

For his part, Public Works and Housing Minister Hussein Arnous affirmed that the ministry is working on structuring the construction companies in addition to supporting them and securing their supplies for the completion of all the projects entrusted to them in preparation for the start of the reconstruction phase, adding that the ministry will accomplish 6000 housing units during the next year.

Arnous pointed out that the ministry completed setting up the organizational chart for Lattakia province and is working on accomplishing 41 housing blocks in Tartous province, noting that the ministry is currently developing the organizational charts in the random residing areas, mainly in Damascus, taking into consideration preserving citizens’ rights.

He added that the ministry, in coordination with Local Administration Ministry, formed quick intervention workshops to return services to any area that restores its stability and security.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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