Abbas, Speakers of Italian, African and Iranian Parliaments discuss means of ending terrorism

Geneva, SANA – Current situation in Syria and means of activating the parliamentary cooperation to confront international terrorism were the focus of talks held between Speaker of the Syrian People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas and Chairman of the Italian Senate’s Foreign Policy Commission Pier Ferdinando Casini on the sidelines of the 135th meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly in Geneva.

Abbas reviewed the Syrian efforts exerted to fight terrorism which hit the Syrian people and the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army, noting that the Syrian government is moving ahead on two parallel paths: combating terrorism and establishing national reconciliations in order to restore security and stability and alleviate the suffering of the Syrians, not to mention the humanitarian aid to civilians in besieged areas.

For his part, Casini underlined Italy’s support to national reconciliations to reach a political solution in Syria, adding that his country has always rejected economic sanctions imposed on Syria and stressed that no state has the right to interfere in other states’ internal affairs.

He noted that President Bashar al-Assad is part of the solution since he has the support of the majority of the Syrian people, stressing the need to resume talks between Europe, the US and Syria.


In relevant context, Abbas and Baleka Mbete, Speaker for the National Assembly and Chairperson of the African National Congress discussed the situation in Syria with Abbas stressing that Syria is facing a ferocious terrorist war backed by mass media and billions of dollars in order to falsify facts and distort the reality of events taking place on the ground.

For her part, Mbete voiced South Africa’s support to the struggle of the Syrian people, expressing confidence that the Syrian people will achieve victory over terrorism.


Abbas also met the delegation of Iranian parliamentarians headed by Mostafa Kavakebian, with talks focusing on enhancing bilateral cooperation and the latest developments in the Syrian arena and the region.

Kavakebian stressed Iran’s firm stance and support to Syria and the steadfastness of the Syrian army and people, criticizing the stances of some Arab and western states which claim to care about the Syrian people, but they provide support to terrorists and supply them with arms and money to destroy the Syrian state and kill its people.



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