Army Command: Any Turkish military presence inside Syria will be dealt with as an “occupation force”

Damascus, SANA – The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces dismissed the Turkish military forces’ recent attacks in Aleppo as a “serious escalation” and a gross violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

In a statement on Saturday, the General Command said the victories which the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are achieving in the war against terrorism, especially in Aleppo, have broken Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s illusions and smashed his plots in Syria and the region and prompted him to escalate his aggression on Syria.

The statement referred to the targeting of villages and towns in northern Aleppo by Turkey’s air force and its army units’ transgression into Syrian territory, along with providing direct military support, using artillery and tanks, to the terrorist organizations to continue committing crimes against civilians in northern Aleppo.

The statement said Erdogan’s regime is playing a “dirty” role having provided shelter, training, weapons and funds to the armed terrorist groups and opened Turkey’s border to facilitate the flow of thousands of mercenary terrorists into Syria since the beginning of the war.

The Army’s General Command affirmed in its statement that any presence of the Turkish army units across the border into Syria, under whatever excuses, is rejected and condemned and will be considered an “occupation force” and confronted with all the means available.

It also held the Turkish leadership fully responsible for the “dangerous consequences” that might result from its acts on the security and stability of the region.

Turkish tanks and vehicles penetrated earlier today into the northern countryside of Aleppo, over two days after Turkish warplanes committed a massacre of killing more than 150 civilians in attacks on the villages and towns of Hasadjek, al-Wardiyeh, Hassieh, Ghoul Sorouj, Sad al-Shahba, Ihres and Um Hawsh in the same countryside of Aleppo.

On September 28, the Turkish forces transformed a school building in Jarabulus city into a hospital and hoisted the Turkish flag above it in another violation of the Syrian sovereignty.

While falsely claiming to be fighting ISIS terrorist organization through these actions, the Turkish military forces aim at helping other terrorist organizations linked to the Turkish regime to replace ISIS in those areas.

H. Said

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