Foreign Ministry: Russian support against terrorists in Syria helps in preventing terror spread

Damascus, SANA – On the occasion of the passage of a year since the start of the Russian operations against terrorism in Syria, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said Sunday that the contribution of the Russian Air Forces in counterterrorism came upon a request by Syria, making it a legitimate and constitutional contribution in accordance with the international law.

The source told SANA that the operations of the Russian Air Force in Syria have proved Russia’s credibility and seriousness in fighting terrorism.

The Russian military support in the fight against terrorism in Syria has led to tightening the grip on the terrorist groups and contributed to preventing as much as possible the spread of terrorism into other countries, as it has become a threat to the security, peace and stability in the region and the world in general, the source added.

It clarified that the Russian contribution has led to curbing ISIS terrorist organization’s stealing of the Syrian oil and deprived it of one of the main sources of funding.

The Russian military efforts come to embody the standing strategic relations between the two friendly countries, exceeding that to the political work and high constant coordination between the two countries for reaching a political solution for the crisis in Syria, the source added.

The source concluded that Syria renews gratitude to Russia for its constant military, political and economic support in order to eradicate terrorism and bolster steadfastness as well as to restore stability and security to the country.


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