Tuesday weather: Skies clear to partly cloudy, rain showers expected over coastal heights

Damascus, SANA- Temperatures will slightly drop to become around average as the country is still being affected by the seasonal Indian low air pressure accompanied by southwesterly air currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The Meteorology Department said in its Tuesday bulletin that the weather will be between clear to partly cloudy in General and misty in the eastern, al-Jazira and al-Badia (desert), local rain showers are expected over the coastal highest.

The winds will be northwesterly of low and moderate speed and the sea waves will be of low amplitude.

The expected temperatures in some main Syrian cities are as follows: Damascus 36/19, Daraa 33/20, Hama 36/23, Homs 32/21, Lattakia 31/25, Aleppo 35/19 and Deir Ezzor 42/23.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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