President  al-Assad performs prayer of Eid al-Fitr at al-Khair Mosque in Damascus

Damascus, SANA_ President Bashar al-Assad performed Monday morning Eid Al-Fitr Prayer- marking the end of fasting month of Ramadan- at al-Kair Mosque in Damascus.

Senior officials in the state and the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP), a number of the People’s Assembly members, Syria’s Grand Mufti, several Islamic scholars and a crowd of citizens also performed the prayer along with President al-Assad.

Following the prayer which was led by Sheikh Mohammad Shreef al-Sawaf, the President listened to the Eid sermon with sheikh al-Sawaf stressing the sublime meanings of Eid al-Fitr and the importance of amity, tolerance, closeness and cooperation among Syrians in building their homeland, Syria.


Sheikh al-Sawaf said that the nation’s enemies, to complete the chaos project, have created a deformed monster called the terrorist movements which claim that they represent the Islamic project while they, in reality and through their bloody crimes and practices, defame the real image of tolerant Islam.

He added that Syria has triumphed and dropped the conspiracy thanks to the will of its people and the wise and clear vision of its leadership.

Sheikh al-Sawaf called on the nation’s sons to return to the path of right, reason, tolerance and reconciliation as to reconstruct the future of Syria and restore safety and security to it.

Al-Sawaf concluded his sermon by asking God to stand by Syria’s people and leadership for facing the enemies.




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