PM forms two committees for services and infrastructure and for resources and energy

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis issued on Thursday two decisions forming a committee for services and infrastructure and another one for resources and energy whose missions will to study and examine draft legislations referred to them and making proposals and suggestions.

The services and infrastructure committee is headed by Minister of Local Administration and includes as members the ministers of Public Works, Housing, Tourism, Administrative Development, Health, Communications and Technology, Transportation and Water Resources, in addition to the Minister of State for Affairs of Southern Region Development Projects, Head of Planning and International Cooperation Commission and a representative of the Cabinets’ General Secretariat.

The resources and energy committee is formed of the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources as the chairman and of the ministers of Industry, Transportation, Electricity and Water Resources and a representative of the General Secretariat of the Cabinet as members.

Premier Khamis also issued decisions related to the work mechanism of the Cabinet.

During its session on Tuesday, the Cabinet approved establishing specialized work groups in cooperation with ministries to follow up on economic and services issues and to communicate constantly and directly with citizens, and these groups include a permanent work group to study fluctuations in exchange rates and propose solutions for it.

The groups also include one for supporting agriculture, one for attracting local capitals to participate in the development process, one for studying income procurement and invested public sector properties, and one on studying projects for impoverished rural areas.

Qabas/ H. Said

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