Tartous people: All Syrians are Aleppo’s defenders

Tartous, SANA – People in Tartous province staged on Saturday a gathering to express solidarity with their fellow citizens in Aleppo province who are on the receiving end of a horrifically escalated terrorist assault.

The sufferings and atrocities endured by civilians in Aleppo have reached high levels, with rocket and mortar shells being intensively fired on safe neighborhoods leaving unspeakable damage in their wake.

People in Aleppo have been having their houses demolished and toppled onto their heads for several days now due to the nonstop shelling carried out by terrorist groups linked to Jabhat al-Nusra.

The shelling attacks, compounded by sniper shootings, have already left tens of civilians dead, in addition to hundreds of others injured.

Those who gathered in Tartous wanted to express sympathy with the locals of Aleppo and show support for them to remain strong and steadfast under this relentless attack.

Ghassan Asaad, Secretary of Tartous branch of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party, said Aleppo, which has been Syria’s cultural and commercial hub, “is now paying the price for struggling to continue living and for standing by the Syrian army in its fight against terrorism.”

“People of Tartous, just like all the Syrians, will always be the defenders of Aleppo and of every inch of Syrian soil,” he added, echoing the slogans chanted by the participants in the gathering.

The participants condemned the international community’s deafening silence on the terrorist crimes committed in Aleppo, stressing that eliminating terrorism and restoring security to the Syrian areas will only be achieved at the hands of the Syrian soldiers.

H. Said

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