Senator Black: I had the honor to meet President al-Assad-VIDEO

Damascus, SANA-US senator Richard Black held a press conference on Thursday at Four Seasons in Damascus, talking about his visit to Syria and saying “I had the honor to meet President Bashar al-Assad and his wife,” adding “the impression was excellent.”

“When I started to make a study about Syria, I was very interested in President al-Assad and his wife and I was very delighted when I found them completely as I have seen them in media, both are gentle and love their home sincerely,” Senator Black said.

He added the Syrian people are one of the most courageous peoples, considering that the outcome of the war on Syria will determine the destiny of the human civilizations.

Mr. Black warned that the collapse of Syria would threaten the neighboring countries, then Europe where terrorists will succeed in spreading chaos and destabilizing situation there.


As for the role of the neighboring countries in the terrorist war on Syria, the US senator said “ I was afraid when Jordan participated in the events in Syria, particularly in 2012 when it allowed the UN intelligence to train hundreds of gunmen and send them to attack Damascus, it seems that some neighboring countries imagined that they could inject poison in part of the body without moving into another part of it.”

He hoped the US was more decisive in combating terrorists, saying “We have to wait a little and see the US new President’s stance whose I hope be moving towards peace.”

The US senator hoped his country would re-open the Syrian embassy in Washington, considering that closing it in 2014 was because of the presidential elections in Syria as the US administration feared the Syrians would go with large numbers to vote for President al-Assad.

Mazen Eyon


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