Larijani: Iranian strategy is based on close cooperation with Syria for security in the region

Tehran, SANA, Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council (Parliament) Ali Larijani has congratulated President Bashar al-Assad on the successful parliamentary elections held recently.

In a congratulatory cable to President al-Assad on Monday, Larijani referred to the Syrian people’s massive turnout in the polls despite threats made by terrorist groups, and said that the election, especially the massive participation of people, was an important regional and international event and an evidence on the peoples’ support to the
President as He is the symbol of resistance and independence.

He affirmed that the strategy of Islamic Republic of Iran is based on close and comprehensive cooperation with Syria to establish the bases of security and stability in the region.

Larijani expressed confidence that Syria, people and government, is capable of defeating terrorist and extremist groups.

People’s Assembly elections were organized in Syria on April 13th, where 250 candidates were elected for the second legislative term.

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