Forum for Syria Association: National unity is the way to achieve victory

Budapest, SANA – Forum for Syria Association held a celebration in the Hungarian capital of Budapest commemorating the 70th anniversary of evacuating the last French troops from Syria.

Representatives of some Hungarian, Arab and Syrian cultural and political institutions participated in the celebration where Chairman of the Association Jol Bishara reviewed the importance of such event in light of the current aggression and war waged against the Syrian state and people.

The participants underlined the Syrian leadership’s stances and the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army to confront international terrorism.

In a statement issued on this occasion, the Association and members of the Syrian community in Hungary hailed the heroism of Syrian resistance leaders and martyrs who rejected to give up their rights and refused to obey the French.

“Since achieving independence in 1946, the Syrian people have continued their struggle to preserve their national sovereignty, freedom and independent decision and fight against colonialism and plots aimed at undermining Syria, its pan-Arab stances and support to the just Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian Cause,” the statement added.

It noted that the US-Zionist scheme and its reactionary Arab tools in the region suffered severe blows and today they try to delude us into thinking that the bright spring has come true, meanwhile, they are implementing double standards, interfering in the internal affairs of some Arab states and fueling wars.

The statement expressed gratitude to Russia, China, Iran and the BRICS countries for their positive stances towards what is taking place in Syria.

It called for unifying efforts to confront foreign plots, protect the country’s national approach, move to a democratic life and achieve comprehensive economic and social development, stressing that this anniversary should remain a source of inspiration to liberate the entire occupied Syrian Golan ant the rest of the occupied Arab territories and achieve national reconciliation.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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