Prime Minister: Reconstruction projects will involve all of the working class in Syria

Damascus, SANA – The General Council of the General Federation of Trade Unions continued its activities on Monday, attended by Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi and other ministers.

Discussions focused on finding ways to prevent rises in prices, preventing monopolies, and giving tenure to temporary workers, in addition to reducing importation in favor of relying on local products, developing small and medium projects, increasing funds for health support, among other issues.

During the meeting, Premier al-Halaqi talked about the efforts being made to restore production in industrial cities and areas, adding that production requirements are being procured for industrial cities, and that reconstruction projects will accommodate and involve the entirety of the working class in Syria.


He noted that the lack of safety in some rural areas led to a decrease in the cultivated agricultural area which prompted the need to import certain products, and that the government is funding vital imports, particularly food and petroleum products.

Al-Halaqi said that steps are being taken continuously to stabilize the SYP exchange rate despite the heavy pressure exerted to undermine the Syrian Pound, reviewing the steps being taken to support and compensate displaced and affected people, with SYP 50 billion having been allocated for these efforts.

The attending ministers addressed some issues and queries related to construction companies, importing iron, ATMs that are out of service, tenure, the performance of certain companies like the cables company, the Hama oils company, and the Damascus preserved foods company.

They also discussed the procurement of cancer medication, inspecting facilities, public-sector bread production plants, and monitoring prices in the market.

Hazem Sabbagh

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