Syrian Heritage Festival (AKITO), Syria’s New Year 6766 starts in Damascus

Damascus, Syria- Activities of the Syrian Heritage Festival (AKITO) started Friday in Damascus.


Celebrating AKITO, which is the eldest celebration written in the Near East history, is an indication that we are living here for more than 6700 years and we are the builders of a civilization its history is even deeper than that, indicating that Aleppo civilization dates back to more than 12.600 years and Damascus more than 10.000, minister of tourism Bishr Yazgai said.

Akito Minister

Akito festival is another proof that Syrians are adherent to their land, civilization and roots, the minister added.


The 3-day festival includes a number of social, sport, handicrafts, exhibitions, plastic art and various popular folkloric activities in different locations in Damascus including Takiyaeh Suleimaniya, al-Jala’a sports hall, Tishreen park, Meskiyeha roundabout and Dama Rose hotel.


Syrian singer, Reber Waheed who celebrated the first day activities by a number of songs, particularly Syria in all languages which he sang it in seven languages, said that AKITO proves that Syrians are highly interested in reviving their heritage and folklore which represent a challenge to terrorism expressing the Syria’s New Year which started on the first of April to be a year of peace, amity and prosperity for Syria.


For her part, Mai al-Sileh Damascus tourism manager said that the aim of the festival is to shed light on the Syrian heritage and Syria’s role in the human civilization, since AKITO represents the ancient Syrian calendar which dates back to 6766 years ago, adding that celebrating AKITO is a message to the world that Syria is enjoying a state of Security and stability thanks to the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army.



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