President al-Assad: Victory of Syrian people and allies would help establish a more balanced world

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad said on Saturday the victory of the Syrian people and their allies in the war against terrorism would contribute to establishing a more balanced and just world.

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Such a world would stand up to the attempts of the imperialist West and its agents in the region at imposing its will that goes against the interests of the region’s peoples, who are committed to their sovereignty and self-determination right, added the President during a meeting with Kamal Kharrazi, Head of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations of the Iranian Supreme Leader’s Administration.

The Iranian official affirmed that supporting Syria, be it on the level of fighting foreign-backed terrorism or in the political track, is a firmly established strategic policy for Iran.

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This policy is firm inasmuch as the Iranian leadership realizes that the ultimate aim of the fierce attack on Syria is to undermine its pivotal role within the Resistance front, said Kharrazi.

President al-Assad, for his part, highlighted that the political and military support of Syria’s friendly countries, mainly Iran and Russia, has effectively contributed to consolidating the Syrians’ steadfastness in the war against terrorism and all the way through restoring security and creating the favorable conditions to enable them to decide the future of their country by themselves.

The latest developments in Syria, particularly in relation to the cessation of hostilities agreement, the expanding circle of the national reconciliations and the Syrian dialogue in Geneva, were the main topics of discussion during the meeting.


In the same context, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem stressed during his meeting with Kharrazi that Syria continues to achieve field and political victories despite the fierce campaign against it thanks to the courage of its army and the confidence of its leadership in the inevitable victory in the battle of defending Syria’s territorial integrity and safety and the Syrian people’s independent decision.

Kharrazi, for his part, stressed the importance of backing the role of the resistance which will continue to confront the conspiracies backed by Israel, US and their allies which are aimed at destabilizing and partitioning the region through the tools of terrorism and their backers.

Kharrazi and the accompanying delegation also met State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar, who briefed them on local reconciliation in detail, asserting that reconciliation is based in its success on the will of the Syrians.


Haidar stressed that hundreds of wanted persons have had their legal status resolved and returned to their normal lives as a result of reconciliation efforts which he said have benefitted more than a million Syrians.

He also lauded the role of Iran and Russia in combating terrorism and their commitment to resolving the Syrian crisis via intra-Syrian dialogue away from foreign interference.

For his part, Kharrazi affirmed the important of the national reconciliation project in achieving a political solution that preserves the integrity and sovereignty of the Syrian state, asserting that Iran will continue to support Syria in fighting terrorism and carrying out dialogue and reconciliation.

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