Nasrallah: Saudi and Israeli scheme in the region is spreading sedition

Beirut, SANA – Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Party, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the Saudi regime’s scheme in the region is spreading sedition and so is the Israeli scheme.

In a speech on Tuesday aired by the Lebanese al-Manar TV channel discussing the latest developments in Lebanon and that has been going for five years under U.S. commands, stressing that this war targets the whole region and not just the Syrian state.

He clarified that billions of dollars have been spent and thousands of tons of weapons have been transferred by this regime that is leading the battle of slaughter and destruction in Syria.

“We have to point facts out, criticize their acts and unmask their conspiracies and atrocities whether in Syria, Bahrain or Iraq…Even the car bombs in some Lebanese areas were sent upon Saudi commands,” he added.

Hezbollah Secretary General expressed welcome of the cessation of hostilities in Syria, hoping that the track of the crisis in Syria goes towards the political solution, “which contradicts the will of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, some countries, Israel and in a way the US as well.”

R. Milhem/H. Said

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