“Leadership merit in administrative leadership” program launched

Damascus , SANA- Ministry of Administrative Development launched on Saturday the “Leadership Merit in Administrative Leadership” program which is a part of the administrative reform project in Syria that targets administrative leaderships in public establishments such as deputy ministers, director-generals and others.

In a speech during the launching ceremony, Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halaqi asserted that the administrative development is a national qualitative strategic project, noting that it is a voluntary administrative process for making a change in leaderships and relations among the administrative staffs, the development of legislations and patterns of administrative behavior in a way that reverses the behavioral patterns of state employees and the measures that hinder performance and leads to the prevention of corruption, bribery and personal interests.

Al-Halaqi explained that the plan of the administrative development is based on different bases including preparation of administrative leaderships and making them qualified, preparing and developing human resources, studying the public organizational structure of the administrative body of the state and re-designing it to cope with the economic conditions, building an information system, providing electronic services and developing laws and regulations.

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Al-Halaqi reviewed the government’s vision for administrative reform in Syria and its basic axes , including policy-making, decision-making, completion of the organizational structures, public spending, completing the project of the electronic government, civil service, human resources, supervision, inspection and combating corruption, noting that the government is looking to have a performance at the administration and civil service in government establishments that embodies the sustainable development and its strategic objectives with high efficiency.

Al-Halaqi pointed out the need for training human capabilities since they are the basis of the administrative development process, calling for developing the human resources and making them qualified, developing laws and regulations, improving the level of performance through developing knowledge, preparation and implementation leadership programs in various specializations.


For his part, Minister of Administrative Development Dr. Hassan al-Nouri stressed the role of the program in light of the current needs of the public administration, particularly in the current crisis that Syria witnesses and the resulting implications that require raing efficiency for administrative leaderships.

The program will start on January 2nd 2016 consists of 48 work hours over two days on Saturday and Sunday twice a month for each group.

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