Mikdad to PLO delegation: Al-Aqsa intifada is an uprising of all Arabs and free people

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad affirmed that Al-Aqsa intifada is an uprising of all Arabs and the free people of the world against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, stressing that everyone should support it because it is the only choice to restore the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.

During his meeting with a delegation from the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) headed by member of the PLO Executive Committee Ahmad Majdalani, Mikdad reiterated Syria’s condemnation of the racist practices of Zionism against the Palestinian people and the massacres perpetrated by Zionists against Palestinian women, children, and elderly people, which are considered crimes against humanity.

Mikdad also said that one of the objectives of the terrorist aggression on Syria is to weaken it due to its stances in support of the Palestinian cause.

For his part, Majdalani reviewed the latest political developments in the Palestinian arena, reaffirming the Palestinian leadership’s support for the war against ISIS and all terrorist organizations, as well as its support for resolving the crisis in Syria politically.

He added that stopping the aggression on Syria will have a positive impact on the Palestinian cause, expressing his support to the reconciliations efforts carried out by the Syrian government in various parts of Syria which will reflect positively on the situation in the Palestinian camps by ridding them of militants and returning the people who left the camps due to terrorist acts.

Al-Qaderi discusses with PLO delegation efforts to help Palestinians in Syria

In the same context, Social Affairs Minister Rima al-Qadri discussed with  the PLO delegation the joint efforts among the Social Affairs Ministry, Palestine’s Embassy in Damascus, the General Assembly for Palestinian Arab Refugees(GAPAR) and UNRWA to help support the Palestinian Refugees living in Syria.

Al-Qaderi pointed out that the Syrian government continues supporting the Palestinian refugees and doesn’t differentiate among them because “We are one people and the Palestinian cause is the cause of Syria as a whole.”

She clarified that the Ministry is ready to form “a crisis cell” to put primary report on the need of the Palestinian camps during the coming stage and after the exit of the gunmen and restoring the normal life to them.”

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh Reem/Mazen

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