Al-Halaqi: Syria remains the defender of the Arab causes

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi said that despite what Syria is faceing, it will never give up on its national principles and Palestine remains its central cause and will always remain the real defendant of the causes of the Arab Nation.

During a meeting with Ambassador Anwar Abdul-Hadi, director of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) politburo, al-Halaqi stressed that Syria pays the price of its stances towards the nation , yet Syria will never deviate from its path and will continue defeating all challenges that the region witnesses especially the Zionist- American schemes, pointing out that the main aim of the terrorist war against Syria is weakening resistance axis of the Palestinian cause to serve the interests of the racist Zionist entity and its expansion at the expense of Arab Nation.

Al-Halaqi added that the Syrian Arab army is achieving one victory after another due to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the strong relations among them and the Syrian army and friendly countries, noting that the Syrian government defeats the economic war and unjust economic blockade, combats terrorism and enhances national reconciliations.

Al-Halaqi also pointed out Ambassador Abdul-Hadi’s active role in voicing the demands and rights of the Palestinian people to the international forums and public opinion.

In turn Ambassador Abdul-Hadi expressed confidence in victory due to the steadfastness of Syrian people and standing by the Syrian leadership and army in the face of the terrorist war, assuring that the Palestinian people stands by the Syrian people.

Abdul-Hadi also pointed out the Syrian government’s efforts in enhancing national economy and reducing the effects of the unjust economic blockade on Syria.

Qabas/ Manal

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