Mikdad: Some UNSC Member States Ignite Wars and Terrorism

BEIRUT, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister,  Fayssal Mikdad stressed that  policies adopted by the US have depended on imposing its opinions and hegemony on the developing countries through different ways of blackmail and immoral pressures along with economic pressures, threats and sanctions.

“It is not surprising to see the US administrations, along with their tools in the West and in the region announcing that they will provide financial support, fatal and non-fatal weaponry to the terrorist groups in Syria which doesn’t accept submission to the policies and dictations of the Wes,”Mikdad said in an article published Saturday on the Lebanese al-Binaa Newspaper.

He said “The world today is not more peaceful as some of the UN founding members and those who are entrusted with the role of the UN Security Council in preserving the security and peace such as Britain, the US and France Ignite wars and terrorism like what is taking place in Syria as they have adopted the policy of double standards which contradicts with the UN Charter.”

Mikdad added that looking at the policies of the countries which impose their hegemony and distort the UN Charter, one can see how much they have committed violations that contradict with the UN  Charter and its goals and principles,  and that poses a threat to  the stability and development in many of the countries in a way translated through insisting on canceling and not respecting  what is stipulated in the UN Charter of affirming the countries’ sovereignty and not interfering in their internal policies, therefore, they came up with the so called ‘humanitarian interference’ and other forms of tampering with the fate of the nations,” he said.

“They have tried to impose those forms  arbitrarily in a way that contradicts with the main principles adopted by the UN General Assembly in this domain along with ignoring the equality principle in the sovereignty among the countries as well as violating  some of the texts of the resolutions issued by the UN Security Council such as what happened when the Western countries attacked Libya and destroyed it,” Dr. Mikdad added.

Mikdad pointed out that the aggression against Syria which is considered a flagrant violation of the UN Charter, in addition to the continues Israeli violation against the Palestinian people backed by the US in a way that contradicts with the Charter.

Mikdad affirmed that only UN Security Council decides which situations threat security and stability, and not the US, Britain or France and their tools, adding that force mustn’t be used as what happened in Libya and Iraq without a resolution issued by the Council, referring to the role of Syria and other countries like  Russia and China which don’t accept to be affiliated to anyone in defending the text of the UN Charter, the international law, the international humanitarian law and the resolutions of the international legitimacy.

He indicated that Syria has positively cooperated with the UN and its special envoy to Syria to reach a political solution to the crisis, yet the mistakes committed by the UN and its envoy in that domain prevented reaching the hoped-for outcome in eliminating terrorism and halting its support by the neighboring and the other countries.

Mikdad affirmed Syria cooperates with the UN in the humanitarian domains, adding that it respects the international legitimacy, and it looks for an active and honest role of the UN in a way that accords with its Charter and role.

He added  Syria has recently realized a great achievement in the framework of cooperating with UN in eliminating the chemical materials  from Syria as an important step towards making the Middle East a nuclear- free zone, stressing the necessity of forcing Israel to destroy its  weapons of mass destruction.

R. al-Jazaeri/ Mazen


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