Premier al-Halaqi visits a military unit, inaugurates projects worth SYP 4.5 billion in Lattakia

Lattakia, SANA – Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi inaugurated and laid the foundation stones of several housing, education and service projects in the coastal Lattakia province on Saturday with a total value of about SYP 4.5 billion.

The Premier inaugurated the second phase of the Youth Housing project in Lattakia city that will accommodate 320 apartments with a total value estimated at SYP 1.5 billion.

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He also inaugurated Lattakia traffic department project with a total value of nearly SYP 150 million and the project of replacing the second water drawing line from River al-Sin to Lattakia that is worth SYP 2 billion.

The Prime Minister later visited Tishreen University and inspected the project of expanding the engineering faculties that aims at expanding the buildings of the faculties of mechanical and electrical engineering to accommodate 4500 students and the civil engineering and Information Technology faculties to accommodate about 1200 students, in addition to the project of expanding buildings affiliated to the faculty of dentistry, with the total value of the project estimated at SYP 750 million.

In another context, al-Halaqi visited injured army personnel and the civilian victims of the terrorist shelling attacks at the Military Hospital in Lattakia city and participated in a ceremony to honor the families of martyred and injured military personnel and civilians at Lattakia Governorate’s building.


Earlier, the Premier visited an military unit on the frontline with the armed terrorist organizations in the northern countryside of Lattakia province.

Wael al-Halaqi-Lattakia-army unit

He stressed that the sacrifices and resilience of the army will defeat terrorism, adding that “the army brave soldiers have proved to the world that the Syrian army is a national institution that is built on a patriotic ideology and committed to the issues of the Syrian people and homeland.”

He conveyed President al-Assad’s greetings to the Army soldiers and pride in their sacrifices thanks to which Syria is sailing towards victory.

Al-Halaqi on Friday laid the foundation stones of a number of development, service and industrial projects in Lattakia with a total value estimated at SYP 13 billion.

The inauguration of these projects marked the 45th anniversary of the Correctionist Movement of November 16, 1970.

R. Milhem / Mazen/Qabas/ H. Said

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