Hasaka officials affirm situation in the city is stable, deny reports on ISIS controlling neighborhoods

Hasaka, SANA -Hasaka governor Mohammad Zaal al-Ali said the city will remain invincible against the advance of Takfiri terrorism.

Speaking by phone with the Syrian TV, al-Ali said the situation in Hasaka city is stable, adding that the Syrian army has begun a combing operation in the neighborhoods that terrorists sneaked to according to a well-thought-out plan.

He indicated that army units are working to bridge any gaps that terrorists could use to sneak into the city and cut off the terrorists’ supply lines as the army air force continues to pound terrorists’ concentrations and vehicles.

The governor called on the locals who fled their homes to return, urging the medical staff in the city to stick to their duties as their role is badly needed at the moment.

He urged the draft-dodgers to join the military recruitment centers to defend their city.

Echoing the governor’s assertion, Chief of Hasaka Police Department Gen. Hasib al-Tahan affirmed  that Hasaka city is safe, denying media reports that ISIS terrorists have taken control of Ghweiran neighborhood.

Speaking in a statement to SANA, al-Tahan confirmed that the neighborhoods in Hasaka city are safe, including Ghweiran, al-Aziziyeh and al-Salehiyeh.

The Police Department chief made it clear that members and departments of all security forces, and the Central Prison garrison are all on duty confronting ISIS terrorists.

Hasaka city, located in northeastern Syria, is facing an ISIS assault since last Thursday.

ISIS terrorists blew up car bombs in various areas, leaving civilian casualties and material damage to the public and private properties.

Qabas/H. Said

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