PM: Participatory work between government and NGOs important to better overcome relief challenges

Damascus, SANA – The government believes in the importance of participatory work with the NGOs to overcome the relief and humanitarian challenges spawned by the terrorist war against the country that drags on since 2011, said Prime Minister on Sunday.

Wael al-Halaqi highlighted that joint work with civil society and volunteer organizations has been very helpful to the effect of providing better relief services to the people affected by the terrorist war, particularly those who have been displaced from their home areas.

He was speaking to a delegation of Ahl al-Sham (the people of Damascus) Initiative, a volunteer group that has actively contributed to the humanitarian work in the provinces.

Al-Halaqi viewed the volunteer spirit governing the work of this and other initiatives as showing the “genuine humane values” of the Syrian society.

He hailed the great humanitarian efforts of these initiatives and the side benefits they provide in terms of fortifying the society and preserving the unity of its members against external interference through the Syrians helping one another.

Ahl al-Sham Initiative has been active in all the provinces, providing food, clothing and medical supplies to people affected by the terrorist acts.

Burhan al-Ashqar, head of the Initiative’s delegation, briefed al-Halaqi on the Initiative’s plans during the holy fasting month of Ramadn, that is arriving soon, referring to development programs in particular.

These mainly include psychological support and vocational training programs.

Haifa Said

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