This season’s vegetation in Syria unprecedented in years, Agriculture Ministry says

Damascus, SANA – The vegetation that covered the Syrian lands in April this year was unprecedented in tens of years, according to the Ministry of Agriculture’s drought monthly bulletin.

The satellite images taken in April revealed the high-density vegetation cover compared to the average during the past decade.

vegetation cover 1

The increased vegetation cover was comparatively evident in the central, coastal and northern provinces and in vast areas in Hasaka in northeastern Syria and in the southern Sweidaa and Daraa provinces, exceeding the average by 10-30 %, according to the bulletin, which is prepared in cooperation with World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The bulletin also showed that the dam volumes in Syria are very good this year in comparison to past years, with the rate exceeding 90 % in Lattakia on the Syrian coast.

The rate of dam volumes in the province of Tartous, Quneitra, Hama and Homs, however, ranges between 33 and 75 %, while the dam volumes in Damascus Countryside, Idleb and Sweida were low, said the Director of the Ministry’s Fund for Mitigating Effects of Drought and Natural Disasters, Mohammad al-Bahri, citing the bulletin.

He pointed out that the general situation of pastures in most provinces is good due to the abundant rainfalls during this season.


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