Basic Education school students of Moadamiya provided services for exams

Damascus, SANA- In the framework of the efforts exerted by the Government to enable the students of the Basic Education stage in all the areas to take their final exams, Damascus Countryside Governorate allocated ten buses to transport students from Moadamiyat al-Sham to al-Sabboura town and the surrounding villages.

Some 500 male and female students left Sunday for exams by buses provided by Damascus countryside province.

The students were distributed among four schools in al-Sabboura and al-Bajja’a after Damascus Countryside Education Directorate took all the required administrative measures to guarantee that the exams are going on as planned.

Member of the Executive Office of Damascus Countryside Governorate’s Council Monir Shaaban said .. the council of al-Sabboura town has taken all the needed measures at the health center in the town for any emergencies, adding that the required stationery was also provided to the students in addition a breakfast
meal offered to them directly after the exams.

2Shaaban indicated that this step has been highly applauded by Moadamiyet al-Sham locals who stressed their belonging to the Syrian national institutions and to the approach of the national reconciliation which is adopted by the Syrian state as its basic axis.

About 304 thousand school students took on Sunday the first subject of final exams of Basic Education stage in Syria.Those included 2.074
students of the Islamic Religious Education schools.

R. al-Jazaeri / Barry

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