People’s Assembly approves bills related to loans for military deserters

Damascus, SANA. The People’s Assembly approved during a session on Monday chaired by Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Lahham a bill on suspending the deduction of loan payments for military deserters from their military sponsor.

This bill will stop the deduction of funds from the paycheck of individuals in the military who sponsored other military personnel who deserted or went AWOL, covering all sponsors including active servicemen and retirees, in addition to covering the pensions of deceased sponsors received by their heirs.

This bill was proposed to show appreciation for Syrian Army personnel who were paying funds on behalf of deserters who sided with Syria’s enemies, taking into account that a number of sponsors were martyred and their families and children pay the price of the deserters’ betrayal.

The Assembly also passed a bill on suspending law no. 32 for 2011 for 3 years and approved amending article 3 of the rental law. It also referred a bill on regulating NGOs to the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs and the Services Committees for study.

H. Sabbagh

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