Orphan’s Day celebrated at Damascus SOS

Damascus Countryside, SANA- The 6th Festivity of the Orphan’s Day, held Monday at the SOS Children Villages’ branch in Qudsaiya in Damascus Countryside, included various activities such as art exhibitions, theatrical shows and musical pieces.

The event was organized by the Child Culture Department at the Ministry of Culture.


The SOS children embodied their dreams and hops through their paintings and sculptures as they drew a painting dubbed “I Draw My Homeland with Colors” through which they expressed their love to Syria and their hope that it will
always be bright similar to their colors.

A theatrical show titled Our Green Land was also performed by the orphans with the aim of preserving the nature, in addition to performing several songs and musical pieces.

Assistant Culture Minister Tawfiq al-Imam said that governmental and civil bodies provide support to SOS which takes care of the orphans who lost their parents in different circumstances.3

Al-Imam indicated that the festivity aims at enhancing the values and positive ideas to the children through the teamwork as the Ministry worked on training about 140 children through the SOS cadre.

The children expressed happiness to participate in the festivity, wishing that the crisis in Syria will end and that Syria return better than ever.


For her part, Head of the Child Culture Department Malak Yasin said that the Ministry annually celebrates the Orphan’s Day with the aim of boosting the positive values to the children and to enhance their talents and abilities and to integrate them into society.

The Syrian SOS was established in 1975 and it opened its first children village in 1981 with the aim of creating substitute families to take care of the orphans and to help them build their life and future and be active members of the society.

R. al-Jazaeri / Barry

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