Syrian-Jordanian medical center inaugurated

Damascus, (SANA) Health Ministry launched on Wednesday work at the Syria-Jordanian emergency medical center in the General Practice clinics building in al-Zahira neighborhood, Damascus.

The center is a gift from the Jordanian syndicates of doctors and lawyers as a token of solidarity with the people of Syria.

Minister of Health, Dr. Saad al-Nayef said in a press statement following the inauguration that the center is an expression of solidarity with the Syrian people against a common conspiracy, a gesture that he considered will provide a “medical and moral support” to the Syrians.

The center is now fully prepared and adequately equipped, the minister pointed out.

Chief of Syria’s Doctors, Abdul-Qader Hassan said the project is a precursor of more cooperation to come between the Syrian Doctors’ Syndicate and the Jordanian doctors’ and lawyers’ syndicates, hoping that it will be an invitation to all Arab medical syndicates “to revive the Arab Doctors’ Union on pan-Arab bases.”

While he designated the center as a “message to the whole world that we, as Aras, are standing by the Syrian people against a global conspiracy,” Dr. Imad Hatabi, member of the Jordanian committee for medical support to Syria said “it is a great honor that we become partners in the victory being written down by the Syrian army.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Abdul-Hadi al-Kibriti, a lawyer who is member of the Jordanian joint legal-medical committee, indicated that the initiative is “but a small attempt to heal the wounds of the Syrian people.”

According to Dr. Nazem al-Ghazali, chairman of the Specialized Medical Centers in Zahira, the center is comprised of two rapid emergency rooms to where people who get injured in any terrorist attack or traffic accident are admitted, as well as rapid-operation room, an X-ray room and a drugstore.

M. Ismael

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