Al-Jaafari: Wrong policies of some countries towards Syria are main reason behind suffering of Syrian woman

New York, SANA- Syria’s permanent envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said on Thursday that some obstinate countries ignore that the wrong policies of their governments towards Syria were the main reason behind reaching the suffering of the Syrian women to this degree of deterioration due to the involvement of these governments in financing and arming terrorism.

“Four years were enough to form a juncture in the life of the Syrian woman who was besieged by fires of terrorism, extremism, killing, abduction, collective rape, sex slavery and coercive marriage to foreign terrorists after she has been an example for her counterpart in the Arab and Islamic region,” al-Jaafari said in a statement at the UN fifty-ninth session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

He added that after a long delay, the UN Secretary General, Security council and the majority of member countries have recognized the reality of terrorism in Syria, but, unfortunately, this recognition was delayed as tens of thousands of Syrians have paid their lives and suffered the most ugliest forms of extremism and terrorism, destruction of infrastructure and the migration of millions, apart from the suffering of Syrian women from immoral fatwas, most importantly the so-called “Jihad al-Nikah” or “sex jihad”.

Al-Jaafari called on the UN to acknowledge the crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorist organizations against Syrian woman and to offer support to the Syrian government in its efforts to enable women whether economically or socially.

He also urged the international organization to support the struggle of women in occupied Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan against the Israeli occupation which violated their rights and prevented them from contacting their Homeland.

Mazen Eyon


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