UN to send a representative to the second round of Syrian-Syrian dialogue

New York, SANA-The United Nations will send a representative to the second round of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue consultations due in Moscow next month, Spokesperson for the UN Secretary General Stephan Dujarric said on Wednesday.

“We have said that we welcome all efforts that aim to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria,” Russia Today Website quoted Dujarric as saying.

He added the UN discusses with Russian authorities the second round of consultations, affirming that the international organization will attend it.

Rounds of discussions between the delegation of the Syrian government and that of the opposition figures within Moscow consultative meeting concluded last January.

The government delegation, along with five opposition parties and other figures agreed to a set of principles presented by Russia, which were called “Moscow Principles”.

The principles mainly focused on preserving Syria’s sovereignty and unity, fighting all forms of terrorism, settling the crisis peacefully and politically and rejecting any foreign interference.

 Mazen Eyon

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