Haidar discusses ways of benefiting from South Africa’s experience in national reconciliation

Damascus, SANA – State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar discussed with South Africa’s Ambassador in Damascus Shaun Byneveldt ways of strengthening cooperation between the two countries and benefiting from South Africa’s experience in national reconciliation.

Haidar said in a press statement after the meeting followed up on the previous meeting with Byneveldt, discussing issues related to reconciliation and the prioneering experience of South Africa in this field, as they suffered through a long war that ended with a big reconciliation project achieved by figures like Nelson Mandela.

In response to a question about reconciliation efforts in Damascus Countryside areas like Beit Sahem, Babila, and Yalda, Haidar said that such efforts may be stalled at any stage because of militants who are linked to foreign parties and terrorist organizations such as Jabhet al-Nusra, ISIS, and the Islam Army, adding that any side that is linked to foreign parties through financing, training, and agendas is against reconciliation.

He asserted that the State Ministry will continue the project of local national reconciliation until it is completely achieved, adding that no project will prevail other than the Syrian project which fulfills the country’s interests.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

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