Omani journalists, Syrian Community call for supporting Syria, lifting unjust blockade imposed on it

Muscat, SANA- A number of Omani journalists and members of the Syrian community in Oman voiced their full solidarity with Syria following the earthquake that hit it on Monday , calling for lifting the unjust Western blockade imposed on it.

Member of the Omani State Council and editor-in-chief of al-Ruya daily newspaper, Hatim bin Hamad al-Taie, expressed in a special statement to SANA reporter in Muscat the condolences of the Omani people to the families of the victims , calling on the Arab countries and the international community to provide aid to the Syrian people and alleviate their suffering.

Muhammad al-Balushi, editor-in-chief of the Omani newspaper, al-Shabiba, stressed that the earthquake that hit Syria and the victims and losses it caused requires the international community to provide assistance by lifting the unjust sanctions imposed by the West, stressing that these unjust sanctions limit the ability of the Syrian government to face the repercussions of the earthquake and provide support to the affected areas.

In his turn, Musa al-Farai, editor-in-chief of Atheer Media Corporation, said in a similar statement: No language can reflect part of the pain caused by this large number of victims, considering that in light of these repercussions, all political differences and conflicts should be ended , and human values should advance and be at the forefront of the scene. The blockade on Syria should be lifted, and the brothers should help it and stand up by her side.

Bushra Dabin / Baraa Ali

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