Lebanese airspace and ports opened to facilitate arrival of aid to Syria, Minister Hamieh says

Beirut, SANA- Minister of Public Works and Transport in Lebanon’s caretaker government, Ali Hamieh, announced Tuesday opening of Lebanese airspace and ports to facilitate arrival of aid and rescue teams to Syria

Hamieh said that the ports of both Tripoli and Beirut will be opened for sea transport companies to dock at Lebanese ports, as well Beirut Airport will be opened for air transport companies to land at the airport.

He also affirmed on exemption from fees and taxes to facilitate the arrival of aid to Syria, noting that “this is the least that can be offered to the Syrian people.”

Hamieh stressed that a group of the engineering regiment members in Lebanese army, civil defense, Red Cross and fire regiment will be sent to Syria in order to contribute to rescue those affected by the earthquake

Rafah al-Alouni/ Hala Zain

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