Czech parliamentarian calls for U.S. to be held accountable for its crimes in Iraq and Syria

Prague,SANA- Head of the Moravian Czech Communist Party, member of the European Parliament, Kateřina Konečná called for the creation of a tribunal for war crimes, committed by the United States in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and other countries.

During T.V. speech published on her email website Konečná stressed the need to implement the principles of the International law, UN Charters and other obligatory documents and the implement of the basic principles of justice.

She described the US invasion of Iraq as “a violation of international law a, UN charters and UN Security Council’s resolutions”, indicating that the Pretext of Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion was a deliberated lie which resulted in the killing of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Hala Zain

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