Morales: Washington orchestrates coups in Latin American countries

La Paz, SANA- Former Bolivian President Evo Morales stressed that the US is the party which orchestrates coups in Latin America, considering that Washington has started to lose its hegemony on the region.

Morales told Russian news agency Sputnik that the US policies fail and when they are deteriorated the resort to violence and when they lose hegemony they resort to weapons.

He accused the US of standing behind the judicial coup d ‘état against Argentine Vice-President Christina Kirchner last month and later the coup d ‘état by the Congress in Peru, and the coup d’ état attempt in Brazil against the elected President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, based upon Donald Trump’s style by breaking into governmental institutions.

The US has been intervening in the internal affairs of the Latin American countries for a long time, as the US-backed coups claimed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people due to the chaos that spreads in the countries which the US interferes in.

Hala Zain

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