Eng. Bilal al-Issa designs a saving power smart circuit breaker box

Damacus, SANA- The Syrian engineer Bilal al-Issa designed a home automation system that controls all electrical equipment in an easy and simple way in a way that is of significant importance to people of special needs and disabilities.

Eng. al-Issa, who studied Applied Science and Technology faculty of Electronic Technology in Aleppo’s University, stated in a statement to SANA reporter that his project “composes of a smart circuit breaker panel that allows, using an Android application, starting any electrical load or turning it off at any time the user desires.

al-Issa said that his invention gives its user full control on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, protection and energy management systems, noting that this invention is of importance to people of with special needs. “The device uses a private (IP) and password to protect the device against any illegal use” al-Issa added.

al-issa added: “The product is available in four versions, one of them is a Bluetooth communication system that can start and operate two loads with a manual control interface on a cell phone application, and three other (Wi-Fi) connection system versions that can start and operate up to 11 loads distinguished by a protection system against high or low voltage and a control interface application on the mobile phone.

Al-Essa stated that the aim of this project, which was conducted under the supervision of Engineer Firas Bakour and is available now in the markets, “is to provide a high quality and performance product relying on local materials”.

The device is distinguished by its long operating life, ease of installation, and its reasonable and appropriate price compared to the imported one.

The project entitled (Designing and implementation of a smart circuit panel) participated in the exhibition held last October in the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering projects, Damascus university, with the participation of 195 projects from Syrian public and private universities.

Alia Hishmeh/ Amer Dawa

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