Anti-polio vaccination campaign reaches around 247,000 children in Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA – Anti-polio vaccination in the northeastern Hasaka province reached 246,985 children under five.

Hasaka children were given vaccination within a national campaign that was carried out last week and covered all provinces.

Hasaka Health Directorate Mohammad Rashad Khalaf said the campaign in the province was carried out last week through 60 medical centers, in addition to 35 mobile medical teams in rural areas and 21 others in the city and towns.

Several lectures aimed at raising awareness of the importance of vaccination were held on the sidelines of the campaign.

The national anti-polio vaccination campaign, which started on February 15th, was part of series of campaigns announced by the Health Ministry in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) since 2013 following the detection of some polio cases in the country.

Rasha Milhem/Haifa Said

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