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Rosenergoatom: Putting ZNPP under IAEA’s control impossible

Moscow, SANA- Putting the Zaporozhye NPP under the control of the IAEA will be impossible, because that organization does not have the authority to manage nuclear power plants, Renat Karchaa, an adviser to the CEO of the Rosenergoatom concern, said on the Rossiya-24 TV channel on Tuesday.

“The idea of putting the power plant under the control of the IAEA and, in fact, under the control of Ukraine, raises a legitimate question: how can the power plant be placed under the control of the IAEA? Such a procedure is not described anywhere: either in the IAEA Charter or any other international regulatory documents. This is impossible in principle,” Karchaa said, while commenting on statements by Ukrainian politicians that the ZNPP should be placed under the control of Kiev and the IAEA.

Karchaa explained that the IAEA did not have the mandate to manage nuclear power plants.

“The IAEA has many mandates, it is an organization in charge of nuclear safety, and not of operating nuclear power plants. There are no such provisions,” he pointed out.

Source: TASS

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