45 Palestinian children killed by Israel and 770 detained during 2022

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- The Israeli occupation forces continue their violations of international conventions and laws by committing crimes against humanity against Palestinian children in the midst of the shameful silence of the international community that does not take measures to end impunity for these criminal actions.

On the 68th anniversary of International Children’s Day, which is celebrated every November 20, SANA interviewed the Palestinian government spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem, who denounced that the Israeli army persists in its policy of killing minors, and revealed that dozens died this year as a result of the bombardments against the Gaza Strip and the military operations in the occupied West Bank.

Zionist troops have killed 45 children since the beginning of this year, 29 of whom were killed by Israeli fire in the West Bank and another 16 killed during their assault on Gaza last August, which also injured 150 children, Melhem added.

He indicated that the unfair Israeli blockade against the Strip aggravates the suffering of these children who have become vulnerable to diseases such as malnutrition and anemia, in addition to the low educational level due to high rates of poverty and unemployment.

For his part, the spokesman for the Palestinian Prisoners Club, Amjad Al-Najjar, said that 770 children have been arrested since the beginning of this year and another 50,000 have been imprisoned since 1967, while 160 children are being held inside the Israeli pressures under harsh conditions of physical and psychological torture.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah / Shaza Qriema

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