Syrian farmers are determined to resume planting despite difficulties

Damascus, SANA-Enemies of Syria have waged a dirty war on its lands and imposed an unjust blockade. However, all those events haven’t prevented the Syrian people from continuing their life.

The sons of Syria stood by the Syrian Arab army in the face of enemies, and the Syrian peasant was a symbol of resilience and an icon to confront the conspirators against the enemies of the country who stole the land and plundered resources, and the mercenaries burned the trees, particularly the olive one.

The Syrian farmer’s faith in his land and his tree was the strongest, as the farmer persisted in watering his burnt tree as if he revived life into it again, so it gave him an abundant crop.

Olive trees have spread everywhere in Syria and adorned the mountains, valleys and plains, and herald an abundant harvest of oil ,as the production of olive oil for 2022 is estimated at 125 thousand tons.

Syrian olive oil is distinguished by its quality and is classified as one of the finest types of oils in the world, as farmers compete among themselves for quality in the production of olive oil and to be careful to adhere to the Syrian standard specifications in terms of matching acid and peroxide until the oil yield is 25 percent.

One of the things that guarantees the quality of the Syrian oil is waiting by the farmers for rain at the beginning of the harvest season at the end of September, because the rains at that time increase the quality of the olive oil.

It is worth to note that Olive oil retains the level of antioxidants it contains even when exposed to heat treatment during the process of preparing the food, according to a study conducted by scientists from the University of Barcelona.

The study also showed that cooking at 120°C reduces the percentage of polyphenols by 40 percent and by 75 percent at 170°C.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/ Mazen Eyon

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