Syria calls for establishing a New World Order that respects the UN Charter

Damascus, SANA- Syria called for establishing a New World Order that respects the UN charter and puts an end to Israeli entity crimes perpetrated in the Arab occupied territories, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement on the occasion of UN Day.

The ministry added that the Western countries’ lack of fidelity to the principles of UN Charter , and their policy of aggression, colonialism and double standards, along with their looting of the wealth of developing countries have pushed them away from their natural role.

On 24 October, UN member states marked the UN Day, as in 1945 on that day the UN Charter came into force. And Syria, despite its situation at the time, signed the Charter after Syrian representatives participated in drafting it and enriching its content, principles and purposes.

“As a result of Nazism and Fascism atrocities during the World War II, the world countries had established the UN Charter for the prevention of wars, the Inadmissibility of Intervention in the Domestic Affairs of States, the suppression of acts of aggression and to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights,” the ministry added.

Having not complied with the principle of the Charter ,the Western countries adopted a policy based on aggression, colonialization, double standards, and looting the resources of developing countries, which have unfortunately led eventully to distancing the UN from its natural role.

Syria calls for , as it has done countless times, establishing a new World Order based on respect of the UN charter to put an end to hegemony and practiced colonialism as well as the Israeli practices and crimes perpetrated in the occupied territories.

“The Order that develop democratic relations among nations in the world based on respect for the principle of equal rights”.

Kinda ALMahmoud / Baraa Ali

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