Ukraine to use new arms shipments to continue terrorist shellings of Russia, Gavrilov

MOSCOW, SANA- Ukrainian armed forces will use new Western arms shipments to continue their terrorist shelling of Russian civilians, head of the Russian delegation to Vienna talks on military security and disarmament Konstantin Gavrilov said Wednesday.

“Last week, new shipments of military-purpose products for Kiev were announced, which Ukrainian armed forces will use to continue terrorist shelling of civilian population of the Russian Federation. We underscore that EU and NATO states made their choice in favor of the systems that displayed the highest lethality against the people of Donbass and the liberated territories,” Gavrilov said, speaking at the OSCE security cooperation forum plenary meeting.

In additional, Gavrilov noted that “Western weapons do not play a decisive role on the battlefield, regardless of how many times our Western colleagues and their Ukrainian vassals say otherwise.”

“Instead, it is being actively used to exterminate civilians that disagree with the policies of the criminal Kiev regime,” he added.

The diplomat warned that arms shipments by EU and NATO make them complicit in the aggression against Russia, as well as in war crimes and terrorist attacks that Kiev has been carrying out for eight years.

“Everyone involved will definitely be brought to responsibility,” he underscored, adding that Russian forces methodically ‘grind down’ Western weapons in order to meet the key goals of the special military operation on denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine.

According to Gavrilov, the anti-Russian wing of the EU with active interference and goal-setting from the US and the UK use every opportunity to encourage further hostilities in Ukraine.

Source /TASS

Manar Salameh/Hala Zain

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