Putin signs decree on partial mobilization in Russia

MOSCOW, SANA-Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday backed the proposal by the Defense Ministry and the General Staff on a partial mobilization in the country and signed the relevant decree.

“In order to protect our Motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, ensure the security of our people and people on the liberated territories, I deem it necessary to support the proposal by the Defense Ministry and the General Staff on a partial mobilization in Russia,” the Russian leader said in a televised address, adding that he had already signed the corresponding decree.

The mobilization measures in Russia are beginning on September 21.

As the Russian leader explained, Russia will call up only reservists in the partial mobilization effort. “Only those citizens who are currently in the reserve and primarily those who served in the army and have particular military specialties will be called up for military service,” Putin elaborated.

Mobilized citizens who will be sent to military units will undergo additional training, the head of state said.

“The citizens called up for military service will undergo military training taking into account the experience of the special military operation before they are dispatched to military units,” Putin said, pointing out that the reservists called up for military duty in the partial mobilization would get the same guarantees that are enjoyed by the Russian contract-enlisted personnel.

The presidential decree on the partial mobilization also implies additional measures on fulfilling the defense procurement plan, the head of state said.

“The heads of defense enterprises will be directly responsible for resolving the tasks of building up the output of armaments and military hardware and launching additional production capacities,” Putin said.

The Russian leader also handed down instructions to the heads of Russian regions to provide assistance to the work of military commissariats, adding that the government must immediately provide defense enterprises with necessary supplies and financial resources.

Source TASS

Bushra Dabin / Amer Dawa

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