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Syrian and Russian Coordination Bodies: US plundering of Syria’s oil is reason for their difficult humanitarian situation

Damascus, SANA-The Syrian and Russian ministerial coordinating bodies on the return of the displaced Syrians affirmed that the US plundering of Syrian oil is the reason behind the difficult humanitarian situation that the Syrian people are suffering from.

In a joint statement, the two bodies called on the international community, especially neighboring countries of Syria, to take strict measures to stop smuggling the resources of the Syrian people abroad,
Also they called for activating the role of the UN institutions in providing additional initiatives to expand their humanitarian activity in Syria and implement projects related to reconstruction, as stipulated in the UN Security Council resolution no. 2642.

The two bodies stressed the importance of working in this context towards lifting sanctions first on those institutions that contribute to the reconstruction of infrastructure facilities.

The two bodies said that Russia and Syria strongly condemn the occupation of Syrian lands and the plundering of the resources of the Syrian people by the occupying forces.

According to the data by the Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources, the US and its allies loot daily about 66,000 barrels of extracted oil.

The two bodies indicated that they are continuing their work aimed at assisting Syrian citizens in the safe voluntary return of the country and in building and reconstructing the country.

So far, 2406840 Syrian citizens have returned to their places of permanent residence.

MHD Ibrahim/Mazen Eyon

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