Syrian nature colors in a plastic exhibition in Nanjing, China

Beijing, SANA- A joint art exhibition entitled “Colors From the Silk Road” was held in Nanjing, China, by the Syrian visual artist, Walid Ali, and the media figure Fairouz Nasr.

The exhibition was well attended by numerous Chinese and foreign governmental, academic and art figures, as its paintings reflected the various colors of the Syrian nature  throughout its four seasons which can be seen on the Silk Road from Syria to China.

On the sideline of the expo, interactive sessions were held among several Chinese artists and academic students along with artist Ali, who touched upon the plastic art movement in Syria; its history and transformations.

Nasr, in turn, delivered a lecture where she shed light on the historical, civilized and cultural relations that bring the two countries together.

This exhibition comes within a series of events conducted by the Syrian community in China in context of deepening bilateral cultural communication.

Bushra Dabin / Baraa Ali

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