China suspends cooperation with US in various spheres over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Beijing, SANA- China announced suspension of cooperation with the United States in various fields, in response to Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the Chinese island of Taiwan.

“China suspended cooperation on bilateral consultations on climate change, the repatriation of illegal immigrants, legal assistance on criminal matters and the combat of transnational crimes, the war on drugs,” according to a statement by the Chinese Foreign Ministry published on Friday.

Beijing cancelled bilateral working meetings between the Chinses and US Defense Ministries, terminate a direct communication line between regional military commands, as well as suspending cooperation within the framework of a maritime security mechanism, the Ministry added.

Earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry imposed sanctions against Pelosi and her close relatives, while the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced large-scale military exercises in the vicinity of Taiwan, which will last until next Sunday.

Shaza Qreima



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