Addressing armed forces on Army Day, President al-Assad: Let your motive always be homeland glory and prosperity

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad, Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, has addressed the personnel of our valiant armed forces on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Army Day in a speech through Jaish al-Shaab (The Army of the People) Magazine, in which he said:

“Our valiant armed forces, greetings to you on your day which is dear to the heart of every free and honorable citizen who is proud of his homeland’s struggle history and of its glories and looks at his valiant armed forces as the maker of these glories, the source of heroism and the guarantor of victories.”

“Salute to our lofty armed forces, the source of chivalry, sacrifice, and unlimited giving with its officers, non-commissioned officers and its heroic soldiers, who have embodied the meanings of loyalty and belonging, and proved that the national faith is the foundation upon which the steadfastness of the homeland and its sons is built, and the premise that inevitably leads to victory,” the President added.

“O men of determination, honor and pride, on your 77th Day, we recall with pride and prestige, the heroic epics written by our grandparents and fathers which are still fresh in our memory and which strengthen our determination and motivate our resolve to make maximum efforts to preserve the national gains that would not have been achieved without the heroism and sacrifices which have been made by the brave army personnel who have never retreated or hesitated, and have always been moving forwards” President al-Assad said.

He added “Today, you are here in various sites and fields, are following what your grandfathers and fathers wrote, and you continue with courage and ability to perform your sacred tasks in defending the homeland, proving that you are capable of conquering the most severe difficulties and achieving the best results and the greatest victories in the face of a dirty, systematic aggression backed by major countries, an aggression of multiple forms and methods and tools.”

“O men of faith and belonging, our country today is facing enormous challenges at various levels and directions, especially militarily and economically, which entails to exert tireless efforts to overcome obstacles, take the initiative and direct the compass of national action in the right direction,” the President added.

His Excellency continued “The army has always played a key role in times of war and reconstruction, and its institutions have been strongly present in the fields of building and upgrading the country, fortifying it and preserving the dignity of its sons.”

His Excellency addressed the personnel of the army…” So, work to embody this slogan as a tangible reality in your daily life and the various aspects of your work, and let your motive always be the glory, prosperity, strength and fortification of the homeland which can’t be strong except with its sons who preserve its capabilities and its sovereignty and independence.”

“Maintain discipline and commitment in carrying out training and combat missions, and exert maximum efforts in the fields of practical and theoretical training in the service of national duty and the requirements of confrontation with any potential enemy.”

“O our honorable men, you are the hope of all Syrians and all the free and honorable people, let you always be the role model and the ideal with your morals, the nobility of your actions, your discipline and your commitment, and express with your patriotic performance the authenticity of our army, the nobility of its history, the loftiness and the dignity of its martyrs,” President al-Assad said.

His Excellency saluted the personnel of our armed forces, saying, “As you continue to work with all effort, persistence and steadfastness in your sacred positions and tasks, salutations to your honorable families who stand with all solidity behind you and strengthen you.”

His Excellency concluded… A salute to the souls of the most honorable people in the world, our righteous martyrs, and a salute to their honorable and steadfast families, a salute to our valiant wounded, who bear their injuries and wounds as a badge of pride and honor and continue with determination the process of giving in various fields.

Glory to Syria, the homeland of heroism, steadfastness and victory.

Manar Salameh/ Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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