Prime Minister: focusing on projects with high economic returns

Damascus, SANA-The supreme council for social and economic planning held a meeting headed by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, and conducted a follow-up and review of the reality of investment and current spending in all ministries, institutions and public bodies during the first half of the year 2022.

The council reviewed the government’s plan in the domain of investment spending and the difficulties encountered implementation of some projects and the need to show flexibility with the provisions of the investment plan for the current year in line with the developments and government plans in the next stage.

Arnous underlined the need to focus on projects with high economic returns, which contribute to promoting community economic development.

Arnous stressed the need to focus on spending in expanding agricultural production in the plant and animal sectors, and industrial production, as well as putting the suspended facilities into service, completing the implementation of government irrigation projects and transforming them into a modern irrigation system.

Fedaa al-Rhayiah/Shaza Qriema

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